BluetoothスピーカーMade in Kyoto Bluetoothスピーカー 8mm フルウッドコーン
Bluetoothスピーカー くりぬき加工 Bluetoothスピーカー ワイヤレス接続
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MENKAWA|English infomation

Menkawa 330 loud­speaker, designed by Noir Vif for Nenrin, takes advantage of both ancestral knowledge and specif­ic properties of kitayama wood. It is a contemporary handcrafted object designed for the most demanding audiophiles.

Noir Vif design studio was created by André Fontes and Guillaume Lehoux in spring 2011.
They met at ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres school where they graduated their DSAA.
For André, it was an additional training after a 15-year career as an engineer in the field of materials and manufacturing processes.
Guillaume completed his education with a master in innovation at the ENSAM.

Curiosity and enthusiasm drives Noir Vif into relevant and imaginative answers in sectors
as diverse as crafts, industry, scientific research, prospective studies…
André et Guillaume accompany their partners throughout the project, from its genesis to its realization.

Noir Vif has been in residence at the Ateliers de Paris from april 2012 to april 2014.

ATELIERS DE PARIS(2016/1/7-1/19)
Maison&Objet(2016/1/22-1/26)Hall7 G166 
Atelier Blancs Manteaux(2016/1/21-2/6)
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